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10 Oct 2017

On Go the Deck Boards

Our Wellesley project is close to completion.  It is always rewarding to see the deck boards go on and begin to see the final product.  For this project we placed the deck boards on a diagonal to ensure there were no seams for the client.  We also have some special finishing touches in store so stay tuned for the final reveal.

25 Apr 2017

Don’t forget the building permit.

Planning on building that deck this summer don’t overlook the building permit.

A permit requires that the building inspector visits the site from time to time during construction to ensure that the project meets the Ontario Building Code (OBC) standard. This ensures safety for you and your family, also it provides a basis for you and your contractor to be covered in case of a contracting issue. Lastly, the permit is registered on your house/property deed, so that in the future should you wish to sell your house, the perspective buyer can inquire at the building department to see that the deck as well as other additions have been built to OBC Standards and are safe. Home buyers are getting smarter and this approach to purchasing a home is wise and far more specific than a 3rd party home inspector at the time of purchase. Be sure to visit your local city or township website as they will have building permit information listed.

Yeoman Decks and Fences obtains permits for all the work we do.  You can feel confident that all of our work meets or exceeds building code standards and that it has been inspected.  Start your project today!


We have placed some links below to some city web pages to help you get started and learn more about the building permits process.

Permits Owen Sound

Permits North Bruce

Permits South Bruce

Permits Wellesley Township

Permits Waterloo

Permits Kitchener

23 Jul 2013

Nails! A Joist Hangers Best Friend

Contrary to popular belief, joist hangers should be installed using special nails instead of screws or regular nails.  Joist hanging nails have a higher sheer factor and are designed to withstand various stresses over the lifetime of the deck.


13 Jul 2013

Deck Maintanence Tips

Maintaining your new or existing deck is the best way to make sure that it provides you with many happy memories.  We have put together the following list of simple tips to help you maintain your deck.


Like Kryptonite is to Superman, so are metal tools to a deck.  If you need to remove snow, dirt, or leaves, use a plastic or soft bristle brush.  Metal tools can damage sealant or stain on your wooden deck.

Yearly Scrubbing

Rain, Snow, Dirt, and Animals all take their toll on your wooden deck.  Even if you have used a sealant or stain, it is still important that you clean your deck regularly.  Many products are available with specialized ingratiates and detergents to help you clean your wood deck.  These products will also help enhance the natural wood grain.

Damaged Wood

Existing decks need a little more TLC for obvious reasons. Drive any protruding nails flush with the surface of the board or replace them with deck screws. Repair or replace boards that show signs of decay.


Sand down any rough spots to keep you from getting splinters. Pay close attention to railings; your hands will thank you!

Stain or Sealer

There are many stains and sealers raging from clear to solid colour on the market.  Solid colour stains hide the grain while transparent and semi-transparent stains let the natural wood grain show through. Your local hardware store should have samples so you can see the difference.  Just remember that the stain will look different on pressure treated then it does on cedar wood.

These few helpful tips will ensure that your deck provides you with many years of happy memories.